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Friday, March 12, 2010

Red Stools

DO NOT GOOGLE "Red stools" if you would like inspiration on decorating second hand wooden sitting on variety 'red stools'. If you have a medical condition that entails vibrant descriptions of multi coloured poo, then go for it. You'll get all the information you need. Trust me....

These are the kinds of stools I had in mind. My gorgeous Mum found them at a garage sale next door to her house. She didn't even know about my desperation for two stools to sit under our wall mounted bench. I had been searching high and low, every opp shop and second hand furniture store in the area came up lacking. I'd put the word out to all my friends to keep their eyes open for me. All except Mum, who I'd not mentioned it to at all. That's the weird bit, the power of the Trojo. (Treasure mojo, mentioned here)

So when I almost fell over with envy at her recently acquired stools, she said the four words I was secretly (maybe not so) wanting to hear "You can have them". Then I went from almost falling over with envy to almost peeing myself with excitement.


Sprayed gloss red by my spunky hubster and cover made by yours truly.

I paper pieced some different scraps of corduroy, thrifted curtains and cottons into hexagons and quilted the top. Using the old cover as a guide and the piping from the old covers, I made this snuggly fitting, removable cover. One down, one more to go. I think I'll change it up and do something different for the other one.

Handmade Heaven : Litterally

There once was a little piece of heaven that fell down to earth, it fell from a creative angels workshop. It now resides as a building and draws in all things handmade, it's known as Handmade Heaven. Here are some of my favorite things from there, and a giveaway to so that you or I, may have our own little piece of handmade heaven.

To enter the giveaway, click here....... no really here.....gotchagen

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back to school.... Wardrobe solutions

Check out these babies! They take me back to when I had photos of the hubster and I in our early years taped inside my locker getting me through my school days, thinking of when i'd see him next. Fast forward about ten years and here's me, having a classigasm (like a thriftgasm but from a classified add). $30 for a double AND people A.N.D two singles!!! They were all going to be for the kids room but when I picked them up and saw the double locker I just knew it needed to be painted cherry red with white inlays behind the doors. Can you see it, I can! I have just the spot for it in my lounge/entry/computer/craft room.

Why do cats always have to inconspicously lick themselves in the background of photos? It's like they go "hehehe the human won't notice until she goes to post the photo on her blog and then it'll be too late. She won't be bothered to take another one, lazy humans bwahaha". Maybe not but if you knew our cats, you would understand the mind games they can play! We have a knack of always ending up with the crazy animals.

Now to steel wool, prime and spray my little excited heart out! Stay tuned.

Monday, February 22, 2010

At our house

I'm playing along with Buttons By Lou Lou. This week has seen me baking bread for the first time. I love the smell of hot bread and a big fat slice with heaps of butter and homemade boysenberry jam is even better.

The yeast doing it's thing, like magic.

I get to use my thrifted sifter (try saying that ten times in a row with your mouth full of marshmellows)

Here she is, my bum loaf baby in the oven ready to cook after lots of kneading and two risings.

mmmmmm can you smell that warm bread aroma?

first slice is for the cook, the yummy crunchy crust laden with artery clogging butter (I'm a risk taker) and Pa's Boysenberry Jam purchased at the local farmers market.

Bon Appetit

Friday, February 19, 2010

Flea Market Finds

They come from many places, Flea Markets, Swap meets, Opportunity shops, thrift stores, second hand stores, hand me downs, side of the road, junk yards and hard waste collection days. They are treasures, more valuable to me than their sticky dot or hand written price tags say.

Her Library Adventures has invited one and all to share their Flea Market Finds and I am sharing some things I found at my local this morning.

A funky little plate for my wall plate collection that will eventually, actually go on a wall. An old ice cream scoop with worn out handle, imagine how many scoops she's got under her belt! A corer that I intend to use as a holepokeroutera for jam biccies and last but not least, a pot strainer. I had a moment when I saw this, a thriftgasm if you would.

An enamel now to be fruit bowl in my favorite cherry red.

A lovely little tin that once had fudge, but will now sit on my dressing table for my jewelery. Perfect little roses on a teeny pillowcase. All this for $3.70!!! Heaven.