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Thursday, September 4, 2008

I've gone all pear shaped

Today as I was clambering up my front steps looking and feeling like a packhorse with nappy bag, food bag and probably even a small country over one shoulder, child on hip and two others zooming between my legs I HEATHER BAILEY PACKAGE!!! I almost threw all that I had over the balcony but remembered how much I had to go through to get the one on my hip into this world. My fabric euphoria could wait at least until I could throw him in the door (to all gasping in disgust, it's called sarcasm and something you accumulate with each child)

So this afternoon I just had to make up a pear pincushion with the beautiful Heather Bailey pattern and fabrics.
It is stuffed with wood shaving to keep my pins sharp. Next time I think I might fuse it with a padded interfacing so it will hide all the lumps and bumps of the wood shavings.

Are these not the absolute cutest things! Now they finally have a home. Pin cushion bling by Gigi of Pinks and Needles.
Handy little needle holder within the leaf. The pincushion was so quick and easy to make! The most time consuming bit was stuffing it. I did it all while I had Mac on my lap, actually I don't think I put him down since I came in the door lol. You know how you just kind of forget that they are on your hip, or is that just me?!?