These are teeny tiny little people who I keep captive in my blog

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Introducing Rita

My marvelous Nanna gifted me her mothers little elna sewing machine. It makes me very happy to know I am connected to my great grandmother through sewing. I hope she is watching over my shoulder proudly.

This little machine is amazing! It fits my needs perfectly - small, easily packed away so little fingers don't get at it but still able to be left out, it's own little tool box AND people, it fits my different feet from the janome!!! I needed a name for the elna that justifies her small but feitsy nature.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce ....

I had a spurt of inspiration while putting a milk bottle in the recycling bin today for some bling for Rita. Within three minutes Rita and I had matching pincushion bands using a bottle top, scrap, ball of wadding, ribbon, a couple of snaps, old tape measure and tarzan grip.

This was so quick, so easy and so giftable!

I only had one bottletop so I thought I'd make it intersnappable.

Monday, March 16, 2009

That weird drawing...

For those of you who were wondering what this drawing was actually of.....
Liesl of Hoppo Bumpo has let me steal this picture of her adorable son to solve the mystery. She totally inspired me to draw when she sent me a gift just because. Isn't she the sweetest!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Life List

I am a list maker. There is a list for everything. To do list, to make list, to call list, to see list, Christmas list, birthday list, chores list, grocery list, I could even write a list for all the different profanities you can throw about in a day - if I really wanted to but I am down to my last roll of toilet paper. Usually things that I don't really like doing (eg: paying the bills or cleaning the toilet) get crossed off and the things I like to do (sewing, reading) get a tick. Once a task from the list is completed, whether ticked or crossed I feel a little swell of accomplishment.

With my renewed enthusiasm sparked by the new years eve fireworks I have decided I am going to make a list of things I would like to accomplish in my life. My Life List. If I can get a swell of accomplishment by crossing off "fold washing", then I want a Tsunami from ticking tasks on My Life List.

This list will be ever changing. I know that things I may want to do now will not hold as much ground as the things I will want to do in the future, the plan is to get them done before I reconsider.

I invite everyone to write your own life list, there are never enough things to achieve in one lifetime and never enough lifetime to achieve enough things. Let me know if you do, I might even steal some of your ideas ;)

My Life List

  • read one hundred books every year.
  • write a book.
  • illustrate a children's book.
  • build a house.
  • have a honeymoon.
  • volunteer for a charity.
  • Learn another language.
  • Study something.
  • Learn basic car mechanics.
  • Become familiar with world geography.
  • Get my dream tattoo