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Friday, March 12, 2010

Red Stools

DO NOT GOOGLE "Red stools" if you would like inspiration on decorating second hand wooden sitting on variety 'red stools'. If you have a medical condition that entails vibrant descriptions of multi coloured poo, then go for it. You'll get all the information you need. Trust me....

These are the kinds of stools I had in mind. My gorgeous Mum found them at a garage sale next door to her house. She didn't even know about my desperation for two stools to sit under our wall mounted bench. I had been searching high and low, every opp shop and second hand furniture store in the area came up lacking. I'd put the word out to all my friends to keep their eyes open for me. All except Mum, who I'd not mentioned it to at all. That's the weird bit, the power of the Trojo. (Treasure mojo, mentioned here)

So when I almost fell over with envy at her recently acquired stools, she said the four words I was secretly (maybe not so) wanting to hear "You can have them". Then I went from almost falling over with envy to almost peeing myself with excitement.


Sprayed gloss red by my spunky hubster and cover made by yours truly.

I paper pieced some different scraps of corduroy, thrifted curtains and cottons into hexagons and quilted the top. Using the old cover as a guide and the piping from the old covers, I made this snuggly fitting, removable cover. One down, one more to go. I think I'll change it up and do something different for the other one.

Handmade Heaven : Litterally

There once was a little piece of heaven that fell down to earth, it fell from a creative angels workshop. It now resides as a building and draws in all things handmade, it's known as Handmade Heaven. Here are some of my favorite things from there, and a giveaway to so that you or I, may have our own little piece of handmade heaven.

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