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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lauren Williams Handmade...

The postie god shined on my letterbox today!!! Thank you Lauren, they are more Divine than I imagined.

Go and have a look at Laurens blog with links to where you can purchase her deeeeevine goodies.

Look, my sad maple is actually alive and feeling very stylish adorned with this brooch/necklace which was a gift along with the matching pony holder. You have really spoilt me Lauren!!!
I absolutely adore these ponytail holders too. They are on nice thick hair ties perfect for my mane.
Soooo perty
My gosh I need some sun.
I never knew how hard it was to take a photo of the top of your own head until today. It's so worth the contortianism just to see how cute it is!
Thank you Thank you Thank you Lauren!


CurlyPops said...

They're both gorgeous. It makes me want to grow my hair just so I can have a stylish ponytail!

Lauren said...

Thanks Katie...that ponie looks lovely! I'm so glad you like it