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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My little ariteeeest

If you were ever to walk into a kindergarten and see the Mona Lisa in neon paint or a noodle collage, no doubt it would have been created by my little budding arteeeest. I am sheepish to show my art to the world but I'm tempted to make billboard size prints of Mia's artwork and hang it from every lightpost in town. Here is just a snippet of her works.

A teapot in water colour pencils and pen

A skyscraper in watercolour pencils and pen

My favorite little person, it's only about an inch tall

These snails make me smile every time I see them. The little ones down the bottom are when they are inside their shells

This is a flower man complete with seed teeth, check out the toes!


THE ESSESS said...

I think Mia has great potential!! They ar efantastic, I do like those snails..

Katherine said...

heheh yes i love the extra toes
i have a gorgeous pic dean drew of the family, and im the only one with no mouth, big ears, and 8 fingers on one hand.

we put it down to mummies listen :)
and i need all the fingers to help multitask
and perhaps.... he wants me to stop tlaking and yelling.. hahaha

flossy-p said...

I LOVE the teapot! Actually my sister in law once gave me an exhibition of the different drawing stages her kids went through. She said her favourite bit was when they start drawing hands as a circle with little sticks, a bit like Mia's flower man's toes.

I can't wait to have kids so I can transfer their cute drawings onto pillowcases somehow. hint hint ;D

Tracy said...

wow they are great.

Ylana said...

Looks like Mia might just have some of your drawing talent Katie. LOVE them all! Great job Mia!

Lauren said...

They are lovely! I'm so in love with kids artwork!

mellimoomoo said...

Adorable. I love the teapot and the flowerpot guy. Oooh, kids art is so much fun!