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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Something new...

I'm trying something new and I hope it goes okay. I'm setting up an ETSY shop!

I will be selling Cottage Garden Threads, Patterns, some ready made things here and there, kits and mini kits.

But, be patient with me as I work it all out :)

Introducing...(Drumroll please)

There are now 65 delicious threads in the range, so yummy it's hard to pick a favorite!

I have also been delegated the job of running a blog for Cottage Garden Threads so pop by and see what's happening.

If you'd like to see the threads in action, check out some of these links...
Leanne Beasley - Down in the garden
Brenda Ryan - Fairies with Attitude
Brenda Ryan - William Morris Roses
Me - Keep calm and mother on.
Jan Kerton - Pears, other pears
Gail Pan - Pretty things
Natalie Ross in stitches - The flower pot people


clare's craftroom said...

I only just found your other blog with all those beautiful threads , so pretty !

愛鋒頭 said...
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Cindy said...

Congratulations clever lady!

Miss Paula said...

Oh I like these pics I can really see the colors!! Now to study them!!!

I put The Bronze Horse on my wishlist! I LOVE to read. If I am not stitching I am reading!! I am always looking for new authors and books!

Thanks!!! Tomorrow is Thursday and I can't wait!

Madelina said...

I would like to order some of these threads - how do I do that being from the states??