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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back to school.... Wardrobe solutions

Check out these babies! They take me back to when I had photos of the hubster and I in our early years taped inside my locker getting me through my school days, thinking of when i'd see him next. Fast forward about ten years and here's me, having a classigasm (like a thriftgasm but from a classified add). $30 for a double AND people A.N.D two singles!!! They were all going to be for the kids room but when I picked them up and saw the double locker I just knew it needed to be painted cherry red with white inlays behind the doors. Can you see it, I can! I have just the spot for it in my lounge/entry/computer/craft room.

Why do cats always have to inconspicously lick themselves in the background of photos? It's like they go "hehehe the human won't notice until she goes to post the photo on her blog and then it'll be too late. She won't be bothered to take another one, lazy humans bwahaha". Maybe not but if you knew our cats, you would understand the mind games they can play! We have a knack of always ending up with the crazy animals.

Now to steel wool, prime and spray my little excited heart out! Stay tuned.


flossy-p said...

What a score! Can't wait to see them all done and finished.

Did you see that picture of someone's kitchen recently, where they had painted lockers instead of cupboards?

Can't remember where I saw it. Sorry if that was you, I loose track some days :)

Buy Design said...

Could be worse. ie cat licking. I have a lovely photo of me and my husband outside of our holiday house, snowcapped mountains in the background, beautiful clear blue sky.... and our dog squatting to poo right at the side of us.